Guide to BOTS used in Clash of Clans

During my initial days in this game, I have been to some clans which lack certain rules and regulations. Members attacking whoever they please, it may be attacking the top player for Loot or the lowest player for easy Stars.

It was difficult back then to track each and every member of a clan, But time has changed. With the introduction of certain BOTs, communication with members of a clan like war planning, base calling, or tracking a player’s progress was made easy.

In this article, we will go through certain BOTs which are or must be used in a competitive clan.



Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser. As of December 2017, there were about 87 million unique users of the software.

To use Discord you have to simply create a server for your clan and ask your clan members to join.

Reasons to use as an individual:

Night mode: Looks cool and is easy on the eyes.

Moderation: It’s manual! Not by bots like in-game. Because sometimes it gets pretty annoying. Basically just don’t be a jerk and its cool.

Organized and thematic rooms: Looking for a chat for specifical strategy, but don’t want to have to invite everyone to a new room? Discord’s organizational structure allows for the creation of a room that is specific, yet available to everyone in the community with no extra work. There can be rooms within communities that disallow picture sharing so that memes don’t get out of control. On the other hand, there can be specific spam rooms so you can choose either or not you want to want to pay respects to Harambe every 5 minutes.

Mute options: From universal mutes to community mutes, to channel mutes, the ability to choose only what you want to read about is incredible and intuitive.

Easy to join communities: Also interested in PokemonGo? This server has over 1,000 people online most of the day. Like Overwatch? This server has too many to count. Rocket League? Perhaps GTA? Or even Battlefield? How about a list of others? The point is that it’s a large community of communities.

Reasons to use as a group:

Group sizes are unlimited: Other apps have you petition to increase the group size from 200. Some Discord servers have 7,000 people in them.

Private rooms within communities: Have 4 clans in your system? Have 100? Give them all a separate room so they can have private conversations and still keep everyone together with a global room.

A recruitment channel: Looking for a new way to look for a new clan? There is a specific channel for recruiting!

Voice channels: Only have 5 minutes to explain something that would take 20 minutes of typed explanation? Hop on a voice channel and express yourself!

Clash Of Stats

Clash of stats

Clash Of Stats is a widely used to Search either for a Clan or to find a Player. When you download clan members data, you know get full player data for each member! Including TH level, troops, spells, heroes, achievements and more!

Player Clans history, see a Player main Clan at a glance! Player’s progress log. Check out who gave the most troops in your Clan over the last week, who won the most trophies, and more! You can also see the weekly Clan history of over 3 million Clans (not including members), dating back April 2016.

Clash Of Stats can also be used within discord by adding its discord Bot.

Mee6: The Discord Bot


Mee6 is a Discord bot that lets you easily add your own commands to your server through a user-friendly dashboard. But this is just one of the numerous features of this bot.




Competitive war clans can gain an advantage by tracking clan member performance. If you want to be a top war clan, you need great attackers and great defenders. With WarMatch, you can see exactly how a member is contributing to the war on both offence and defence.

Clan member stats are based on last 10 wars (in some cases last 20 attacks). This allows players to see their improvement over time and allows players to opt-in/out of the war as needed. WarMatch.Us will also track participation in a war so you can manage your clan effectively.



ClashCaller is designed to help you WIN clan wars!

Lead your clan to victory when you can:

  • Reserve targets, and see at a glance what targets are available!
  • Leave messages for each enemy base! Collaborate and strategize!
  • View stats on your war, and figure out what needs to be improved!
  • Get feedback on your own attacks, and give feedback on others!
  • See how your clan has done over time! Compare it to other clans!
  • 100% free!
  • All this can be done EASILY so your whole clan can participate! Get all those gold stars!


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